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We live in a society where we are constantly given with images of how we should look, dress, hair style, eat, walk and what ‘the beautiful people’ are wearing, eating, doing we just want to be like them.  The pressure is on to be something we are not instead of promoting the unique qualities that we all have as individuals.

In the other hand we come across very many personalities who have lived in a unique way which are praise worthy and most of to be one. They did not bother of the world; they followed their heart and did what they liked the most.

It is very sparkling and inspiring to be a good human being in life and to walk on the path of integrity and honesty. To be ourselves not trying to copy someone else and being happy of who we are.

Yes: – to be ourselves and live our life what is pleasing to our inner being is most important.

“There’s no comparison between the sun and the moon. They shine when it’s their time.”

You are a unique individual:-

Yes dears–You are a unique individual. You are born with a unique genetic code and body, which is composed of a unique bone and muscle structure. No one can feel your body the way you do. There has never been anyone like you on Earth and never will be! You are unrepeatable.

 Be yourself just as you are, you will always have an inner battle against yourself, which will cause you to be in a constant state of anguish but you can have the strength to overcome.

You have a unique brain:-

You have a unique brain, way of thinking and logic. You are unique in how you see the world, how you interpret your life and space around you: how you deal or interact with others above all how you live each day.  Therefore be all that you can be. You can be great. Don’t waste your tremendous thoughts and voice writing messages in the sand. Use it the way it makes you to live in a unique way and your being is happy.

Life isn’t a competition

However, we put so much pressure on ourselves trying to imitate someone who we think is ‘better’ than us. Never compare yourself with other people because you are unique, special, and too much precious. If you compare yourself with others it will devalue, degrade and down you. You are going to suffer for this. Running after comparing and competing with others is in a vain.

If you don’t know what you want, others will want you for what they know! You must know yourself!

Everyone has a struggle:-

Every one born on earth has a struggle: some have more, some less but no one is free from it. Do you want to be in your own story? Every individual battles fear and uncertainty every day. However, the only failure in life is believing that your value relies on other people’s approval or resources.

 The reality is this: When you are living your true self and not how people want you to act, then you are free to use the full potential of your creativity and gifts. People don’t need resources to get out of any life situation. They need creativity to create resources. When you realize that, becoming stuck is impossible.

If you’re struggling today, remember that life is worth living and believe that the best is yet to come. Remember that you are loved; you matter, and never forget that there is always hope.

Constantly striving to be something false takes away our happiness.

There will always be someone more beautiful, brighter, happier, or more successful than you – that is a fact of life.  No one is perfect, but we all have unique qualities that make us special – that make us who we are.

You also have unique gifts, talents and personality. You can never be compared to anyone else, the way you were brought up by the people surrounding you, your education, your life experiences have made you the person you are today.  Your parents, siblings, relatives all are unique and special. It is the combination of everything that you have learned and the various adventures through your life that make you truly different from everyone else on this planet. Even when you think who you are you will be amaze to see yourself a unique person.

Because you are such a special being, you do have a unique purpose and mission in lifeDare to be different; uniqueness is what creates the world. Comparing with others tears the world apart, stop following blindly the mass because it obviously won’t fit you. When you try to “fit in” and be the same as those around you, you are diminishing who you truly are. Therefore:-“You can be all that you want to be.
Keep dreaming and reach out to your dreams.”

We are all unique in our own way:-

As a teacher I can say this because dealing with small kids is very amazing; each child is very special, unique and each one is one body. The way they learn, talk, behave, understand and grasp things what is taught. Each one is special.

We are all unique in our own way.  In our thinking, doing, attitudes and feeling. Still, many of us tend to imitate others, so we conform to a pattern because we believe we are not good enough just as we are. Some of us even try to gain perfection by imitating those we feel are unique. However, continuously comparing ourselves with others will never make us feel fulfilled and be at peace with ourselves.

Everyone is unique, but no one is perfect. Our flaws are actually what make us human with unique characteristics. Let’s face it; if everyone were perfect, then the world would be an ugly place full of boredom and complete monotony.

You are indeed one of a kind:-

So just like the person you are, what you have to say is unique too. Because no one can speak for you. Just you can. No matter how much you have in common with others, you have more differences that make you unique to who you are.  Being unique means that what you have to say matters a lot. It’s what make special from everyone else. 

Embrace your uniqueness to develop yourself further, discover more and more, and explore your true self. Nothing can stop you, go for it, the sky is the limit! Don’t be afraid of being unique, because that’s the only way you will find your unique self! Listen to your heart, and take a stand. Be excited about yourself and accept your weakness. By doing so, it will take you to something magical an inner peace and you will be happy doing.

Ask yourself questions: what can I do to improve my quality of life? How can I be healthier, happier? Commit to developing yourself a bit each day.

Self love:-

Living a lie is easy, look around at most people, and look at your own life. Most people are not following their heart because they are so caught up in following the crowd.

When you are passionate about what you are doing, you are bound to succeed. Other words when you love what you do that is self love.

Therefore don’t be a puppet in your life- but be a unique human being to act what you love irrespective of what the outcome is.

Follow your heart. Life is too short to be sidetracked by things everyone else wants you to do. Follow your heart, do the things that make you happy.

Please write you comment below:-

Write down one thing that is unique to you.  It can be anything – serious, funny, talent of art and craft, singing, dancing etc etc……


  1. Yes its true …. Thank you for reminding us to start a new look on our life …. As we were running life without listening to our heart . using technology we were behaving like we are part of electric machines but reading this article got realised about our real existence… Thanku once again

  2. Exactly mam everyone has struggles, everyone have unique brain…And everyone are unique in their own way… thank you for such an amazing thought.. 🙂


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