How to deal with problems and difficulties in life

How to deal with problems and difficulties in life

Problems are unavoidable part of life we need to have a solution for handling and Facing obstacles and difficulties without allowing them to rob our happiness.  One will realize that there are people who have far bigger problems and the one we are facing is really not as serious.

Great people don’t go through they grow through the difficulties that come on their path.

 Problems will come, issues will come, and difficulties will come.

Whoever you are doesn’t matter your own status.

We have our own individual worries and anxieties in different phases of life. My one word is believe and I believe in you I believe you have an amazing gift inside you ,that I want to see exploder under the world  seeps into us to help us become the best version of ourselves.

Today we’re going  to see the 4 amazing tips :-

How to deal with problems and difficulties in life .

Rule number 1:-

 See challenges as opportunities

December 10th 1914 there was a massive Explosion in West Orange New Jersey United States of America ten buildings in a factory owned by the legendary inventor Thomas Edison were engulfed by flames six – gate fire departments rushed to the scene but could not curb the chemical fueled after having tried all that he could as Thomas Edison calmly stood there watching the fire destroy his entire life’s hard work

His 24 year old son Charles came over and stood next to him in a childlike voice Edison said to his son Charlie go and get your mother and her friends. They would never be able to see a spectacular fire like this in their entire life, astonished and shocked by spiders response Charles asked Thomas Edison

our entire Factory is being burnt down to ashes dad

Thomas Edison replied in complete composure yes

our factory is being burnt down to ashes but all the mistakes we’ve made so far in the factory have also been burnt down to ashes.

 We will start all over again tomorrow.  That evening Thomas Edison told a New York Times reporter although I’m 67 years old and I’m completely exhausted from running around and trying to control the fire.  Tomorrow I’ll start all over again afresh and so he did the next day was a fresh beginning for Thomas Edison and his son Charles in trying to rebuild what had been destroyed by fire.

 Often this is what life does unto us our dreams are shattered our hopes broken efforts baffled.

great people they don’t cry they try to rebuild their dreams great people don’t give up live up to the challenges that life throws at them.  

 Great people don’t go through they grow through the difficulties that come on their path they start all over again with great hope with great determination and that is why they reach the highest peaks of success .

Rule number 2 :-  Smile

You can change hater’s mind with your smile.

Use your smile to change the world; don’t let the world change your smile. How many of you smile. If we hear a joke we smile right:-Isn’t it. Do you laugh on the same joke again…. no.

 After a while if I tell, you will say something is wrong but we don’t laugh on the same joke again and again.

Why do we cry on the same problem we keep crying on that same issue and that same problem again and again and again problems will come issues will come difficulties will come whoever you are doesn’t matter.

Ladies and gentlemen God has a plan an amazing plan with all the challenges with all the difficulties with all the troubles that he sends our way he has an incredible plan none of us know none of us can see how neurosis can understand why and therefore at that point of time all we do is cry we can’t understand why if only we understood what the plan is even While going through that crisis we would probably smile easily.

Do not take this material world so seriously because it’s always changing something that you take so seriously today is going to change tomorrow.

Rule number 3 :- Accept problems as a part of life

Accept that struggle will always be part of your reality.

It seems a part of the journey of life if you climb a mountain how is the road going to be upheld naturally similarly if you are progressing in life it is only to be expected that problems will come.

Don’t shy away from challenges, but rather wade into the struggle and get comfortable with operating and living there. Struggles are a way of life, and we have to learn to confront them. And you never know–something the most challenging things can hold the greatest opportunity for success.

Everyone has their own individual pressures:- as students you  have pressures to study, people who work go through pressures of deadlines and Commitments at work, people who are married are worried about family pressures their bills , children’s education, their settlement and their mother-in-law’s and father-in-law’s and sister-in-laws and brother-in-law’s and whatever else exists you know.

One thing is very sure that no one is free from problems anyone who lives in this world : to our own pressures we are all subject  to our own stresses we are all subject.         


Mother Teresa called all the children and said, “Come children today we have nothing to eat in the house. But, if we pray to God he will surely give.” After ten minutes of prayer, Mother Teresa said to the children “Come, now let us go and beg.” So they all went to beg.

In the neighborhood of Mother Theresa, there was one shop keeper who hated Mother Teresa. Mother went to him and said “Please, give something to eat.”

The person looked at Mother Teresa with anger and spit saliva on Mother Teresa’s hand. Mother gently wiped the saliva to her sari and said, “Thank you for what you have given for me. Will you give something for my children?”

The shop keeper was shocked at the humility of Mother Teresa asked pardon from Mother Teresa. Then on he began to help regularly to the orphan children.

Accepting problems as part of life will give us more satisfaction and inner peace.

Share your feelings with your loved ones,

Have an diary and write whatever you feel

If you can’t share with parents have a friend whom you can share your feelings

Don’t feel bad,,,, smile often….boost yourself  looking at the mirror.

Rule number 4:- Invest in people

Invest in people … and they will invest in you

You can either light a fire underneath people or you can light a fire within them

But … lighting a fire within people is truly powerful. 

Ultimately it is the best strategy it takes a lot of time. It isn’t an instant solution. It’s isn’t an easy one either.

It takes time to learn how different people are motivated. How they are encouraged, how they learn, how they grow.

Try to empower   others

It takes times, study, listening and observing. Each person is very different. But with those things in mind, it’s our job to empower them to do all of that. To go beyond us and our ideas. You want them to take charge and do it.

Try to listen to others

Although you might not always agree or decide to follow their advice, you treat each person as an expert in their area. But you value different perspectives and opinions. You weighed and valued each of their comments and made sure they knew you had heard them.

We want to invest in individuals so they will invest their lives in us. And as long as we do that …you will always want to give your life and time cultivating it.

When we you are in down heart these are the people who will raise up your spirit. So invest in people your love and time and understanding.

*Elegant person will open your mind

* A handsome person will open your eyes but

* A gentleman will open your heart

And what to speak of an intelligent handsome

Gentleman this is what I appeal to all of you become an intelligent handsome gentleman to face the challenges and difficulties in life.

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