Do You Know What The Price Of “BREATH” Is?

Breathing is first thing we do when we are born and the last thing we do before we die but how much importance do we give to breathing?

Let us give 5minutes of reflection about the breath that we breathe everyday without any price to be paid.

Please relate oneself while reading the story below

True story

A 93 year old man collapsed and was transported to the hospital. He was given oxygen to support him for 24 hours. After a while, he was better. So, the doctor gave him his 500,000f mark, and when he saw the bill, he started crying. The doctor told him not to cry because of the bill. But the man said, I do not cry because of money, I can pay all the money. I am crying because for only 24 hours of using oxygen, I have to pay 500,000f, but I have been breathing the air of God for 93 years. I never pay anything; do you know how much I owe him? The doctor lowered his head and burst into tears.

Dear friends ,we breathe the free air of God without any price to pay for years, please just take 2 second of your time to say thank you God for free Gods services for your life.

Breathing is first thing we do when we are born and the last thing we do before we die but how much importance do we give to breathing?

We can stay alive for long periods without eating, drinking or sleeping, but if we cannot breathe, we die within a few minutes.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t think twice about our breathing….because its automatic and we all do it on average 20,000 times a day.

Every system in the body relies on oxygen. From cognition to digestion, effective breathing can not only provide you with a greater sense of mental clarity , it also help you sleep better, digest food more efficiently, improve your body’s immune response, reduces stress levels.

God has given us everything we need to live our life happy and above all the free breathe that we breathe daily. Breathe which help us in two important ways:-

1.It supplies our bodies and its various organs with oxygen, which vital for our survival. In fact, through our breathing we provide oxygen to our body. It helps:-

  • reducing anxiety
  • helping a person get to sleep
  • managing cravings
  • controlling or reducing anger responses

2.With our breathing we also get rid of waste products and toxins from our body. Our breathing is linked between our body and mind and for both to function well they need oxygen.

Now let us reflect upon the word breath:-

Breath is the closet physical manifestation to spirit in the physical plane. Breath is the Prana. Prana is the heart of life force. With each inhale Prana is the golden tone, the sanctifies wholeness, the divine will infuse flesh and bone with genius.

The breath is the life

Throughout the history of human spirituality with its diversity of myths, and beliefs the breath has always been a source of meditation and reflection. This is surprising. Breath is linked with life. To breathe is to live.

Any creature on earth is born they take first breath and with their last breath, life withdraw from our body.

The link in thought between breath and life is affirmed in the Latin word spiritus which in addition meaning spirit vigor also means breath.

The idea in Semitic languages including Arabic, where the word for spirit is relate with aspects of the air including breath.

In Sanskrit; the word Prana means breath and respiration.

In Tibetan Buddhism rlung means wind or breath.

The Hebrew bible describes how Adam became a living soul when God breathed the breath of life into lifeless clay, and it suggests that at the moment of death the breath returns to God.

God’s creation is amazing because:-

Breath affirms relationship with the world in order to maintain life we must draw in the oxygen needed from the atmospheres and we must release carbon dioxide into the atmospheres.

Therefore it is our prime duty and responsibility how we can be clean and keep our environment clean.

God connects us always it is not our merit that we live but it is the free gift of God that we need to be grateful.

Thus breath symbolizes not only relationship with the physical environment but also the subtle environment of energies and forces.

Who is taking breath with in you, follow your breath and you will know breath is a connecting bridge between you and your creator.

So dear friends if you have anything more to say about our life the breath..Please do comment me below so that we help each other.

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