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5 Ways to Be Your Own Hero

If I want to be my own hero, I work on being courageous by facing my fears and being willing to take risks. Stay calm, even when I don’t feel it, and try to think before I act so I can make the best decisions possible. Also, create positive goals for myself and stay motivated as I work to achieve them.

When I think of the people in my life. There are many that I consider to be heroes. People who have helped me grow; shape the person that I’ve become over the years. Some I’m lucky enough to interact with every day   and I know them personally. Others I’ve admired from a distance: Reading their books, learning from their examples .

It’s proud to say that without these people in our lives we would not be who we are today. They provide the knowledge, the skills and the tools to take on the world. But what they cannot do is push you through the door. They can help you build your wings   but they can’t make you fly. The environment our upbringing, parents’ neighbors and childhood memories all contributes to our growth.

For that you have to look inward to the most important hero in your life. The one who can save you from any situation. Who can take you to heights you’ve never dreamed of. The one who decides if you fail or succeed long before the challenge is even attempted.

That is none other than:-   The one you see in the mirror, A hero is someone who is willing to take the dangerous road . To go where most people will not.   To put everything on the line for what you believe in. Heroes by their very nature are exceptional expect that of yourself.

Know that just because everyone sees something a certain way.

 It doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be challenged or adjusted.  You are an innovator striving towards something new.   And heroes don’t run from the unknown, they seek it out and find the strength to embrace it.  Victory is a product of struggle of pain. Of the times the walls were closing in around you but there was never a doubt in your mind that you’d get yourself out. Ask yourself how bad you want to succeed? To win because once you’ve decided that you want it.  That you truly want it.

You’ll know that you’ll find success. Because you know you’ll do whatever it takes. Heroes don’t quit and having this faith in yourself. It brings a sense of power. There is nothing you can’t do.   Nothing you can’t overcome.  The world transforms into your kingdom.   

And while it doesn’t owe you anything. You owe it to yourself to take what’s yours from the world .So be your own person.  Live with courage and follow your heart.   It will never lead you astray.

If you want to be your own hero, work on being courageous by facing your fears and being willing to take risks. Stay calm, even when you don’t feel it, and try to think before you act so you can make the best decisions possible. Also, create positive goals for yourself and stay motivated as you work to achieve them.

Now let us reflect upon the most 5 Ways to Be Your Own Hero

1. Become mindful of your inner dialogue:-

You need to listen to how you speak to yourself in order to step in and do it better. Listen to your inner dialogue and get to know how kindly or unkindly you treat yourself every day and each moment.

The Hero in you isn’t going to stand for anymore self-bullying! Talk to yourself in the mirror and believe me mirror will not speak anything lie; rather it will encourage you if you are tune to it.

2. Focus on Your real Energy:-

Do an exercise daily .Using pen and paper or computer, write few things you want in life. Pick five. Set aside some time, an hour or so, to do this. You don’t want to be distracted.

You now have two lists — one to focus all your energy on and one to avoid. Put your lists on your wall in a place you can see it daily. It becomes a kind reminder for you to see it daily so that you can push yourself. And get the dream of your own and be the hero.

3. Focus Rather Than Reaction:

When we look at the bigger picture of our lives, we see the ups and downs as part of the journey. We avoid actually focusing on special goals and focusing our attention on a thousand different tasks. Instead of just reacting to events, we keep our focus.

To be honest, I have stumbled for the majority of my life looking for real motivation. I have jumped from goal to goal like a series of unsuccessful decisions.

My goals have served me well, but my direction hasn’t remained consistent.

It wasn’t until I questioned what was the important for me that my story became more well-defined. I wanted to do too many things in life. I can’t be the hero of my own story if I am trying to do everything and do nothing at the same time. So now that I am writing this: – I am really happy to spell it because I am happy to share it.

4. Speak kindly to yourself:-

When we try to help another person we probably don’t start with a critical talk at them about everything they’ve done wrong or aren’t good at. They wouldn’t find that very supportive.  Rather we are very understanding and patience. So why would we?

Yet, so often we speak harshly to ourselves in our own minds, despite it being a inappropriate strategy for self-growth and building self-esteem.

Being your own hero means stepping in when critical self-talk and negative thinking are starting up in your head. It means standing up for yourself and saying:-

Enough, this isn’t helpful! Back off Criticism.

Instead, let’s focus on our strengths and what we can do about it. And believe that we can reach to our full potentials. And be own hero.

 5. Battle your lazy self: – (the great monster)

Happiness is a by-product of meaningful experience. It cannot be directly achieved, and if it is it won’t last longer.

Instead challenge yourself to battle the monsters in your life. Know that failure is part of the process. There is no perfect time. Starting is the first step of the journey. Write down your goals. Don’t start tomorrow. Start now. Like literally NOW.

It begins right now when no one looking at the difference between a winner and a loser is that the winner gets back up and does it again and does it again! Until it goes his way! Sacrifice today for tomorrow’s betterment. Someday in the near future router future that gives value for today.

The hero always returns home wiser and better. Reflect on your journey and share it with others. Nothing in life is as worthwhile as sharing with others. Our modern world, with all the amazing progress and technology, has forgotten many of our roots. Modernity has slowly annexed the role of tradition. As our world becomes more integrated, it becomes easier to forget our individual relationship with life.


Yes friends waiting for someone to come and save you are a mistake because no one will know how to help you better than yourself. But when others show us the way and motivated us that go in a long way but your best savior is you because you can also be your own hero.

Being your own hero will improve your self esteem and take you on the path of your dreams and show to the world that you too have the ability to do whatever you desire. Your happiness totally and solely depends upon yourself.

So be your own boss and hero to yourself.

Ask  yourself:-

Am I happy with myself?

Have I found my hero within?

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  1. It takes lots of practice & patience to not react to negative people around you, but most life lessons are evolved dealing with such situations & people . we rise to become our own hero at work & at home when we derive satisfaction immaterial of who appreciate or criticise us.

  2. Indeed your article “being your own hero” teach us how we can respect our own body and soul to bring key to success and happiness. Very deep and thouthful article……best of luck. Thanks


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