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Managing STRESS:10 Smart Techniques for Successfully Managing Stress

We all have stress —at home, at work, and on the road as married person or unmarried. We all have stress. Sometimes we can feel especially stressed because of a bad interaction with someone, so  much  of work, or everyday hassles like getting stuck in traffic etc.

Negative stress can keep you from feeling and performing your best — mentally, physically and emotionally. But no one’s life is completely stress-free. It’s important to know how to manage the stress in your life. Try these simple techniques for dealing with it.

1. Indulge in Physical Activity to managing of stress

Stressful situations increase the level of stress hormones in your body.When you feel stressed and tense, go for a small walk in fresh air.  Try to incorporate some physical activity into your daily routine on a regular basis, either before or after work, or at lunchtime.  Regular physical activity will also improve the quality of your sleep. While doing this activity recall all the good thing happened in your life. Simply smile at yourself.

These I do and I feel very much relaxed each day.Exercise is one of the best methods for managing stress because it can relieve both the physical and emotional effects of stress. Consider fitness choices that also deliver specific stress-reducing effects like yoga, jumbo, Pilates, or one of the martial arts, all great ways to get rid of stress and negativity. “Exercise can help regulate and dissipate in a productive way.

2. Light a Candle

Using essential oils or burning a scented candle may help reduce your feelings of stress and anxiety.

Some scents are especially soothing. Yes there are some of the most calming scents- I am adding this tips because my husband does this often and I find him really relaxed and he says:- i find  all my stress vanishing with these scented candle and soothing scent.

3. Keep a positive attitude.

Life is not always go the way you want it to …Whether it’s a small inconvenience like unexpected traffic or a major setback in your career, relationships, spouse, kid or health, one thing is certain.

Your attitude impacts everything. It directs your thoughts, your energy and most of all, the actions you take.

So it is good that you Train yourself to not only have a positive attitude, but also express it consistently.

Whatever may be …it is in the beginning you feel somewhat not possible but if you try constantly it gives positive result and it is worth living.

4. Write It Down

One way to handle stress is to write things down. Simply sit down for a while write all the feeling that you are going through be real ….you can be  yourself because no one is watching or seeing – you see yourself your inner being and write everything down. Both good and sad.

While recording what you’re stressed about is one approach, another is jotting down what you’re grateful for.

Gratitude may help relieve stress and anxiety by focusing your thoughts on what is positive in your life.

5. Keep a Stress Diary

 It is follows by the previous point—-Keeping a stress diary for a week is an effective stress management tool as it will help you become more aware of the situations which cause you to become stressed. This is my practical done tip…..because after a day or two if I go back to read I feel more mature and feel I have overcome it.

So please  keep writing and read it after some days.

Stress is inevitable. It walks in and out of our lives on a regular basis. And it can hands walk all over us unless we take action. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to minimize and cope with stress. These all ideas for handling stress without causing increasingly strain and drained.

6. Positive Self-Talk

Let’s be honest, we all talk to ourselves! Sometimes we talk out loud but usually we do it in our heads. Self-talk can be positive. This is my most core tip to enjoy life stress free. I practice this standing in front of a mirror:-

For example:

 first I wish myself saying that hi, how are you? Again give a small smile, and ask what happened?  You believe it no its simply a magical transition.

 You can say (“I can do this” or “everything will be OK”) or negative (“I’ll never get better” or “I’m so stupid”). Negative self-talk increases stress.

Positive self-talk can help you calm down and control stress. With practice, you can learn to shift negative thoughts to positive ones.

7. Open Up to People and Express Your Feelings

If something’s bothering you, don’t keep it to yourself. Talk to people you trust, like friends, family, or coworkers, about what’s going  on your mind. Even if you’re not looking for specific advice, it usually feels good just to get your feelings out into the open. Don’t mistake ….don’t talk to anyone and everyone but with whom you feel that if you share your feeling you will be relaxed. Yes I too do this and I find a tremendous relief within me. Therefore:-

Cultivate social support: Strong social support can improve resilience to stress. Do it strategically. Some friends or family members may be good at listening and sympathizing. Others might excel at practical help, like bringing to you  a home-cooked meal or taking care you child for sometimes. Giving support can also increase positive emotions and decrease negative emotions. Just make sure your relationships stay in balance.

8. Stay Organized

Even if you’re a naturally disorganized person, planning ahead to stay organized can greatly decrease stress at work. Being organized with your time means less rushing in the morning to avoid being late and rushing to get out at the end of the day. Keeping yourself organized means avoiding the negative effects, and being more efficient with your work. Before you go to sleep plan your time: – time to get up, get ready, to reach office etc. When you are in the office plan it in your mind , first thing first. Complete it in the given stipulated time.

9. Take a small break

The best way to manage your stress is to start with your body. First of all you can take your attention off the situation that’s stressing you by getting some physical distance and this can be anything from going into your bed room to be alone for a minute

If you’re in a meeting you can say I need to take a nature break and go be by yourself in the restroom get that physical space.  

The next thing to do is to start breathing slowly and deeply you’ll hear this often because we can control what happens at the most basic level of the brain by deepening our breathing that happens in the brain stem.

That’s what deep breathing does and that’s why you’ll hear so many people from so many cultural traditions and

Therapeutic traditions recommending that you start by watching and deepening your breath at that point when your breath is slow and deep you start to notice that.

You only have to deal with the step that is beneath your feet you do not have to think ten minutes ahead you do not have to think ten years ahead.

 You can plan when it’s time to plan but when you do that planning calm other than that just follow your plan one step at a time.

 10. Avoid over thinking

Most productive manner for example if you have a lot of work to do you would perceive this as an exciting opportunity to challenge yourself and improve your time management skills.

Drop perfectionism especially if you’re of type A personality it’s easy to fall into the trap of perfectionism while perfect doesn’t exist you will constantly feel stressed upon working  relentlessly but rarely feeling satisfied about the outcome you’d argue that perfectionism brings out the best in you.

 But try being a high achiever instead it’s a healthier version of success you can’t avoid stress when running your business or handling a job so it is time to consider dealing with it with these techniques in mind you will soon find  under stressful situations soon you will impress yourself and become everybody’s  referred work partner.


Clear your mind some might call it meditating others might call it taking five no matter what you call it the goal is the same to rid yourself of stressful thoughts and anxiety.

First find a quiet spot where you can either sit or lay down next close your eyes and focus on a peaceful image it can be a favorite vacation spot a favorite painting anything you find calming spend a few minutes concentrating on that image and nothing else mix and match these techniques to find the stress solution that works for you.

You may not be able to avoid stressful situations at work at home and everywhere in between but the good news is you can easily reduce the effect stress has on your body and mind.

Managing stress pdf

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